Plastic Enjection admin October 23, 2023
Plastic Enjection

Production is carried out on our medium and high tonnage machines and fully automatic injection lines. Especially if the parts we produce in thermoforming processes are requested to be produced with the injection process, we can continue to provide service without any product-supplier change. We also have a wide range of injection machinery in our FARPLAS facilities within our group.

Some interior trim parts that we produce with the injection process; Hat Rack, Wheel Inner Hood, Trim Frame Bracket, Electronic Panel Body, Front Ceiling Cover, Trunk Side Cover, HVAC Panel Cover, Camera Body, Wheel Outer Hood.

Wheel Internal Hood

It is used as a wheel cover in the load compartment of van type vehicles. It is pressed using polypropylene plastic material in injection.

Product advantages
  • Protection of painted metal parts inside the vehicle
  • Ease of washing and wiping
  • Easy loading and unloading
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